is an underground collective of DJs, artists and fans that share in our passion for the power of music to bring people together and improve the lives of our community. Through active participation in organizing and promoting regular underground events throughout NYC, members of ADG have a unique opportunity to develop themselves personally and professionally as DJs and artists.

In contrast to the too-often individualistic and competitive nature of the entertainment industry, we provide each member with support in developing his or her creative outlet, while also serving as a model of respect and open collaboration for others.
Nasty Nick Nick Thompson A native of Northeast Florida, Nick began dj'ing during the late Florida rave scene. Early inspiration included breakbeat sounds from groups like Rabbit in the Moon and The Crystal Method. Nick has focused on a progressive sound not limited to one genre. He currently resides in New York City.
NighDen Deniz Ayaydin NightDen has been rocking parties, nightclubs, and the radio waves since early 2006. He grew up in Chicago, and is a product of the early jackin' house scene that emerged there. Since the early days he has developed an adaptive style that allows him to conjure up the necessary vibe to enhance any occasion. His style is notably versatile, and he'll deliver a set that leaves an impression whether he's opening, closing, or playing peak hour.
Davicho David Rivera From the banging drums of African inspired beats from the north coast natives of Honduras, the Garifunas, to the sultry voices of motown to 70’s Beatle’s Pop and Disco to 80’s New Wave, 90’s Grunge, Hip-hop and Industrial House to modern Electronic/Dance/Indie music - davicho loves it all.
DJ Surv Andrew Galea Originally hailing from the island of Malta I got into the clubbing scene while I was living there in the late 90's and at that time the local scene in Malta was also coming into its own in a big way as there were events and big international DJ’s coming to play there on a regular basis as well as a lot of local DJ’s emerging all over the island so it was a good eye opener and a great way to get into the scene.
BlaqJeff Jeff Miller -
DJ Mus Mustapha Louafi Mustapha Louafi, aka Mus, has honed a razor sharp style and musical tableau that can only be defined as truly deep house. The kind of music that makes you clench your fists and scream where have you been all my life! As the founder of Dope Underground Beats (, Mus has been a lifelong DJ and DJ community supporter.
DJ T-Mic Tim Michaels DJ T-MIC (Tim Michaels) knew that music would be an important part of his life. An accomplished jazz guitarist and graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, T-MIC turned to the wheels of steel in college where his exposure to hip hop and electronic music naturally led to DJing. In 2009, TMIC founded ADG (, one of largest underground DJ collectives in NYC (with over 600 members and growing) that supports the DJ community and underground music.
LMR Ayelmer Veenstra LMR (pronounced "Elmer") is a Dutch DJ and producer who started making hip-hop beats on his Commodore computer back in 1989. Inspired by the influential music scene of Amsterdam and the rest of Europe, LMR picked up his first set of turntables at the point when technology was transitioning from Vinyl to CD.